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Petrochemical Equipment Vendors to Join Procurement Leaders at CSSOPE 2015

BEIJING, April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco) will host the 5th  Conference and Exhibition of China Sourcing Summit on Petroleum and Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE 2015)  on May 26-27, 2015 in Beijing.

Global sourcing leaders will be invited to meet Chinese suppliers with their project information and procurement orders and many industry peers will provide insight and wisdom to help vendors and fabricators weather the downturn of the industry.

Oil and gas equipment fabricators are heading for rainy days as the decline in oil price has dimmed the exploration and development prospects around the globe since the second half of 2014.

Market pressure has gradually transferred to the petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises, but how are they going to deal with the challenges? Will they be besieged in the low tide or will they break through the deadlock?

More than 1,000 global petroleum and petrochemical enterprise decision makers, procurement managers, bidding managers, project owners, equipment manufacturers, traders, government officials and industry experts will reconvene at the Beijing conference, a significant increase in terms of participant numbers when compared to previous events.

The 4,000 sqm exhibition floor will also welcome 100 exhibitors, and to meet the needs of international buyers, a selection of upstream, midstream and downstream equipment suppliers and vendors will display their latest equipment and technologies.

With the theme based around Mitigating Risks and Minimizing Costs in Face of Crude Price Collapse through Disciplined Strategic Sourcing by Efficient Management over Supply Chain, CSSOPE 2015 aims to provide a broad market opportunity for suppliers to obtain cross-border oil and gas equipment orders.

With a focus on petroleum and chemical equipment sourcing, the event is an opportunity for international and regional manufacturers, suppliers and distributors eager to create business relationships in China, to develop international value chains and expand existing sales networks in the world.

Through its focus on practical requirements and providing a platform for buyers and suppliers, CSSOPE is recognized as both the leading oil and gas exhibition of its kind in China and an annual gathering for oil and gas corporations, petrochemical plants, EPC, shipbuilders, equipment manufacturers and logistics suppliers.

Among the sessions not to be missed are the CSSOPE Executive Breakfast Briefing, China Sourcing Workshop & China Sourcing Lecture, CSSOPE Gala Networking Reception - Purchaser Night & China Sourcing Cocktail - Supplier Night, Icebreaking & NOC/IOC/Chemical Giant Keynotes and Panel Discussion by International & Domestic Industry Specialists, Country Sourcing Session and Company Sourcing Session, Sub-Session (Valve, Pipeline, Coal Chemical Sector; Valve, Pipeline, Coal Chemical Sector & Modular Fabrication, EPC, Material Sector), Buyer's Sourcing Announcement & Supplier's Products/Service Promotion and the Project & Investment Introduction Session.

With four years of successful experience to date, CSSOPE has established itself as the most important event in the petroleum and chemical industry. We invite you to join us now!

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Liu Hao