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The Oil Spill Response Workshop (OSRW 2014) Organizing Committee is now issuing an industry-wide call for participation. The conference which will be held on 18-19, November in Beijing China covers all aspects of the oil and hazardous spill, marine salvage and fire, port and maritime security, prevention and response markets. This year will include an expanded focus on seaborne, inland, inner river and port issues. The OSRW 2014 program is developed by Topco, a leading energy consulting institution in China. Getting support from ISCO, ITOPF, OSRL, The Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), State Oceanic Administration (SOA) , Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (MEP), Ship Pollution Prevention Committee, CIN(SPPPC) , all abstracts are reviewed for content and relevance by the committee and are selected by consensus. All offers considered sales pitches will be rejected.

All essay submissions are asked to include:

l  Be objective and include practical and impartial information. No sales pitches will be accepted.

l  Identify primary and contributing authors. Abstracts authored or co-authored by users/operators will receive favorable consideration.

l  Abstracts involving actual implementations will receive favorable consideration.

l  Indicate the topic or focus most appropriate for the presentation.

The Abstract Submission due date will be October 20, 2014. You will receive email confirmation when your submission has been received. Thank you for your interest in participating at OSRW 2014!

Note: The goal of the program is to provide practical, pertinent, and timely content delivered with a focus on the attendee as a participant, encouraged to ask questions and share their experience. Accepted Top Five authors will be asked to deliver their presentation and receive complimentary registration to the conference. Other authors will enjoy a 50% discount when they register to the event.

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