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Air Pollution VS Gas/LNG - GDC & SMLNG 2014 Updates

As more and more Chinese cities are being shrouded in thick fog and haze, China allows of no delay on environmental protection. We can now realize the benefits of clean Gas/LNG utilization nowadays, which indicates gas era is coming. At the end of China’s12th 5 Year Plan and approaching of the 13th 5 Year Plan, stimulated by environmental protection and great amount of energy demands, Chinese gas industry is anticipated to be of new engines of economic growth at the situation of global economic gloomy and domestic weakness.

Key topics on Chinese gas market, price, utilization, policies, global gas trends and its impacts to China, the current status and future development space of Chinese small-mid scale LNG, China International NC/CNG/LNG Distribution Conference (GDC 2014) and China Small-Mid Scale LNG World Forum (SMLNG 2014) will take place on 18-20 March, 2014 in Beijing China, which provide a good platform and opportunity for the industry share holders and insiders to grasp knowledge, exchange information, further relationship, enlarge network and find partners connect with Chinese gas/LNG industry.

As the first one of its kind in China, GDC 2014 and SMLNG 2014 will be very significant and important for all participants who get involved in gas/CNG/LNG industry. Speakers lineup from senior officials, experts and consultants from governments and leading oil & gas corporations to will share their insights on gas/LNG price, consumption, policies, projects, new technologies and so forth.

Up to now, the two events attract about 200 people to register. You will enjoy early bird price before 17 January, 2014. Please don’t miss it and book your seat today! The concurrent exhibition remains only a limited number of booths. Seize it as soon as possible if you are interested in.