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The 3rd Oil Spill Response Workshop Successfully Held in Beijing, China

The 3rd Oil Spill Response Workshop (OSRW) 2013, hosted by The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco) and co-presented withMarine Pollution Prevention Association (HSFWR) was successfully held on June 26-27. OSRW is committed to promoting oil spill response technology application and development and offering the platform for international communication and cooperation to reduce the oil spill accidents and damage to ecological environment and players’ health.

Themed Improving Environment amid Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response, OSRW 2013 focused on various topics of the key technologies and equipments of disposal for oil spill, marine oil pollution damage compensation fund, emergency and clean-up capacity building and national emergency equipment library. with a great support by China Maritime Search and Rescue Center, China Maritime Oil Spill Response Centre of MSA China, China Rescue & Salvage Bureau of Ministry of Transport, Transport Planning and Research Institute of Ministry of Transport, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, China Academy of Transport Sciences of Ministry of Transport, State Oceanic Administration, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ship Pollution Prevention Professional Committee of China Institute of Navigation, HSFWR, ISCO, China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center, International Maritime Organization, Oil Spill Response Limited, NMEMC of SOA China, National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service, China maritime oil spill response and Rescue Center of CNPC, Qinhuangdao Maritime Oil Spill Response Centre, Marine Emergency Response Center of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield and Dalian Zhongyuan Petrochemical and Marine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other professional organizations.

About 200 delegates from governments, research organizations, technologies and equipments suppliers from all around the world have been together to discuss about the opportunities and prospects of oil spill response industry through gathering all latest oil spill technologies, management methods, solutions and typical cases, of whichthe leading enterprises such as

CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem, Chevron, Total, Shell, Kerr-McGee China Petroleum Limited, China Offshore Environmental Services Ltd., Sunic-Ocean Marine T&S Co., Ltd., Qingdao Guangming Environmental Technology Ltd., Aptomar, Guangdong BioMax Si&F New Material Co. Ltd, Qingdao Huahai Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., HongKong Spill Response Technology Co.,Ltd (RuiSi Tech), Sino-Gas & Oil Technology Co., Ltd., Frank Mohn AS, Vikoma International Limited, Aqua-Guard, Dorotea Mekanisk and FACTEC.

Began with a short welcome remark by Day 1 chairman, Gao Jie, Director of Shipping Pollution Prevention Office and the opening addresses by government departments and major enterprises from Environmental Protection Center of Ministry of Transportation, National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service of State Oceanic Administration of China, China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, ISCO, China Offshore Environmental Services Ltd. and Marine Emergency Response Center of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield and etc, OSRW 2013 shared 19 speeches and opportunities for networking and exhibition visiting during the one and a half days. Moreover, Q & A sessions related to “current situation and outlook of the industry, construction of oil spill emergency response system, ship-source oil pollution compensation fund, key technologies and outlook of the oil spill response, new technologies of oil spill monitoring, oil spill emergency command and coordination system” and panel debate on oil spill physical vs chemical recovery with over 20 expertssuccessfully attracted all people to take part in the discussion and insights sharing.

With three-year’s steady development, Oil Spill Response Workshop has become the largest event of its kind in China and popular in world.  (Topco)