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How China‘s Shale Gas Plays?

Much has been said about shale gas. It is time to translate what is a fashion into serious reality. The core of bring the unconventional gas to ground is the technology, a technology that suits shale reservoirs with “Chinese characteristics.” China is bringing in foreign technology to speed up the development of its shale gas reserves, believed to be the world's largest. Shell and BP have been seeking partnerships with Chinese companies to tap the potentially huge market. Technology enables solutions to be identified, developed, and deployed that reduce the risks and costs and minimize the environmental hazard in developing these vital resources.

To support the dissemination of technical experience, Topco will jointly host the ShaleTech China 2013 with WorleyParsons on 28 March in Beijing, China. It is designed to look into key technology that will unlock China’s shale potential. The organizer has invited the world top notch shale gas specialists to share the latest technology and practices being applied. The conference is also aimed to provide solutions to drilling, fracturing, fluid management and HSE issues faced in shale gas.

ShaleTech 2013 will present the industry with the most effective platform for building continuous technical partnerships. This is an ideal opportunity to reach all those personnel from across international unconventional gas industry to share their experiences, either through key note presentations or the panel discussions or during the coffee and lunch networking hours. The forum will help the technocrats take advantage of current technical trends and future growth opportunities to provide actionable advice on maximizing the business value of investments in the unconventional gas development. 

As the Joint Presenter of ShaleTech China 2013, WorleyParsons is the largest international engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) service provider in China. Graham Hill, the SVP from WorleyParsons will give a speech for the first time in China on WorleyParsons’ Capability and Experience in Shale Gas.

It is reported that many International leading experts in shale gas field will be in “ShaleTech 2013”.

Hu Weiping, Secretary-General of China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association & Former Vice Director of China National Energy Administration to Address Keynote Speech on How to Promote the Shale Gas Commercial Development via Innovation Technology under the Guide of National Policies

Li Yuxi, Researcher, Strategic Research Centre of Oil and Gas, MLR PRC to Discuss the Influence Factors of China Shale Gas Development (Shale Gas Definition influence China Shale Gas Resources Potential, Geological Conditions, technology and Environment Influence China E&D Process, Transportation Condition Influence China Shale Gas Utilization Ways)

Bao Shujing, Director, Shale gas Office, Oil and Gas Resources Research Center, China Geological Survey to Address Speech of The Process and Technology of World Shale Gas Exploration & Development

Yang Fuqiang, Senior Advisor on Energy, Environment and Climate Change, NRDC to Speak on Environmental Implications and Management of Shale Gas

Mark Cronshaw, Chief Economist, Gustavson Associates LLC to Speak about Economic Decision-Making and Risk Management for China's Shale Plays.

Till now, Shell, Total, ExxonMobil, Chevron, CNPC, Sinopec, Sinochem, China CBM, China Huadian, China HuaNeng, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Antonoil, GWDC and China Oilfield Services Limited and etc. have been invited successfully.

As an unprecedented industry brain storming event, ShaleTech 2013 will attract about 150 attendees in the field of unconventional gas around the world. Attendees will get a unique opportunity to visit an exhibition and share the networking chance during coffee break and lunch time with participants of China Small-Mid Scale LNG World Forum (SMLNG 2013) at the same venue on 28 March.