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Oil Spill Response Workshop IS Around The Corner

Oil spill prevention, response managements and cleanup technologies are among the top concerns of today’s oil and gas industry at the backdrop of recent oil spill accidents from Gulf of Mexico and Bohai Bay. To better address the challenges facing the oil and gas industry and catalyze the global oil spill response knowledge and experiences sharing, the one-day workshop will bring to the audience the most update technology and cost-efficient solutions to contain oil spill.

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The workshop features discussions on innovations and best practices across oil spill response strategies and brings to the audience the most update technology and cost-efficient solutions to contain oil spill. The course directors, panelists and audiences will be inter-reactive in their discussions so as to drive home the smart resolution to oil spill beyond its causes.

Keynotes + Panels + Q&A

Better Oil Spill Solutions With Minimum Environmental Impact

This Workshop Is Tailored For:    

  • Executives of oil and gas companies
  • Senior officials responsible for response planning
  • Executives of oil-spill response / clean-up Solution Companies
  • Officials from oil, gas and shipping sectors involving emergency response
  • Safety and security officers
  • HSE managers and professionals
  • Harbour master, port managers/supervisors
  • Clean-up products and technology providers
  • Purchasing managers and buyers
  • Government regulators
  • Environmental professionals
  • On-scene commanders
  • Attorneys
  • Consultants

Web link:

Start: 6 December 2011 09:00 GMT
End:  6 December 2011 17:00 GMT

Venue: Oriental Bay International Hotel, Beijing, China

Organizer: The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco)

Contact details: Tel +86 10 6402 3619