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China Imports Huge Volume of Turkmen Gas

China has imported 93 billion cubic meters of tank gas from Turkmenistan as of mid-November.

In particular, some 66.3 billion cubic meters were supplied by the Turkmengaz State Concern and 26.7 billion cubic meters from the Bagtyyarlyk contractual territory, where CNPC Company is implementing development projects on the basis of Production Sharing Agreement jointly with the Turkmen government, Chinese CNPC Company said.

The total volume of gas delivered from Central Asia to China by A, B and C pipelines reached 100 billion cubic meters in the reported period.

CNPC has been buying fossil fuel from this region since 2009, after the launch of the first two A and B branches of the pipeline from Turkmenistan through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The third C branch, which also passes through this route and ends in Khorgos, China, was put into operation on May 2014.
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