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Kaixuan 1 Oil Rig Enters Operation in East China Sea

The Kaixuan 1, or Triumph 1 (N407) jack-up rig has started oil exploration in unspecified waters in the East China Sea.

The self-elevating unit, which represents the world's advanced technology, was earlier reported as to be heading into the waters of the Diaoyu Islands to launch operations. But there have been no further reports to back up this allegation.

The Kaixuan 1 drilling platform was developed independently by the Nantong-based COSCO Shipyard Group. It is the most sophisticated self-elevating mobile platform built in China. It measures 69.49 by 67.06 meters, and is capable of drilling to a depth of 5,200 meters. The rig holds a living quarters that can accommodate 150 people.

This platform was originally built for KS Energy of Singapore, but was somehow acquired by ICBC Financial Leasing to be used by China Oilfield Services under a leasing agreement on July 17.

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