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Wang Dayong

Wang Dayong,Executive Deputy Director of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, the Specialized Committee for Purchasing & Supply Chain Management(CFLP-SCM), core experts of the Institute for Supply Management(ISM), and the training division of the C.P.M. and CPSM professional certification project in China.As a senior management consultant and trainer, he dedicated to the depth research in the field of procurement and supply chain management research and the spread of ideas.He haspublished the findings of“The symmetry competition and supply chain operating system” and “Procurement of financial value-added research".Hehas provided professional consulting for GE, Nokia, CNOOC Shell (SHELL), CNPC, SNPTC, FAW-Volkswagen, Foxconn, ZTE, Huaxin Cement, Coca-Cola, MengniuDairy,Uni-President’s, etc.