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Wenhui Yue

Wenhui Yue: Director of Shanghai Jinneng Law Firm, Senior lawyer. He is now the director of The Energy Law Academy, China Law Society and commissary of Committee of Environment, Resources and Energy Law of China Bar Association.

He is engaged in the legal work of Environment, Resources and Energy. He participated in training of “Legal Practice of Environment” hold by China Bar Association and “Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program”of environment and resources hold by The Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard University.

Since 2004, Geology & Mineral Exploration Development Authority of Yunnan Province, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Land and Resources, has invited Wenhui Yue to be the lawyer of foreign negotiation of nationalized companies which are subordinate to it, in order to follow the Strategy of “Go Outside” made by the Party, as well as to carry out the deployment of “Two Resources and Two Marketing” to take the opportunity of the full cooperation of the member countries of “Economic globalization "and" Shanghai Cooperation Organization”. He has participated in contracts drafting and negotiations of cooperation and development of Mineral and Resources between Chinese Company and Lao, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz, and protected legal interests of Chinese mineral enterprise in energy development outside China.

In 2007, his“Lawyer service in negotiation of mineral joint development of four countries of GREAT MEKONG SUBREGION COOPERATION” was selected in “Selection of Thesis of The fourth session of the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of Legal Affairs Forum”;

In 2008, his “The current circumstances of Energy Abroad and Domestic and Intervention of Service of Lawyer” was selected in “Law Report on Chinese Law of Energy 2008”;

In 2010, his “To avoid and provent legal risks of ‘Go Outside’of Chinese Energy and Mineral” was selected in “Law Report on Chinese Law of Energy 2010”;

In 2011, his “‘Better city, better life’ inflects the concept of sustainable development of ‘land, population, environment’ of Shanghai”was selected in “Practice and Research on Lawyer Service for Shanghai World Expo”;

In 2011, his “The current situation of system of Chinese nuclear energy and suggestion on perfection” was selected in “China Legal Review”Issue 8, 2011;

In 2012, he published “Compilation of laws and regulations of petroleum gas”

Since 2009, Lawyer Wenhui Yue was invited by Shanghai Bar Association and China Bar Association to draft “operation guidelines of environment infringement cases of lawyer by Shanghai Bar Association”, “Operation guidelines of emission trading of lawyer by Shanghai Bar Association”, “business operation buidelines of oil prospecting and development of Lawyer”. He has also proposed amendment of over ten legislative drafts related to environment, resource and energy in Shanghai and China.

Moreover, Lawyer Wenhui Yue was invited to visit other countries and regions, such as Greece, Austria, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for professional meetings and investigation several times. He was also invited by Bar Association of Xinjiang and Gansu to deliver lectures on energy law to the local lawyers of  Aksu Prefecture in Xinjiang and Jiayuguan in Gansu.