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Wu Yue


Wu Yue, born on February 24, 1976, general manager of Hong Kong spill response Technology Ltd(RuiSi Tech).
Mr. Wu started to do OSR business since 2004, from then he thoroughly dedicated himself to the spill response technology and OSR equipments promotion. He has participated in many oil spill emergency drills and oil spill response, especially in July 2010, he took the charge of organization on the scene to contain the oil outflows due to an oil pipeline blast in Dalian, port city in North China. In early 2012, Mr. Wu established Hong Kong Spill Response Technology Ltd (RuiSi Tech) by its own development, acquisitions and international cooperation, it has launched globally a series of oil and chemicals spill response products and technologies, and got a good feedback from clients in this year's oil spill response works. Today, Mr. Wu 's RuiSi Tech already established the comprehensive cooperative partnership with Auqu-Guard spill Response Inc.(Canada) , Faltech AB(Sweden), Dorotea Mekaniska AB (Sweden) and Lamorsubsea (Finland) Etc.
Mr. Wu is a member of China Institute of Navigation Committee of the Ship Pollution Prevention and a member of International Spill Control Organization. A number of his papers were published on periodicals, such as Practical Equipment and Technology in Oil Spill Emergency Response and Suggestions for Construction of Oil Spill Emergency Centers in Coastal Areas.