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Yang Min

Work Experience

I graduated from Jianghan Petroleum College in 1984, and then I worked in Jianghan Petroleum Machinery Research Institute of China National Petroleum Group (CNPC). After 16 years working in oil industry, I have obtained rich experience of this industry as the supervisor for the quality of Mill products of CNPC and reviewer to the permit for production for petroleum equipment. I have published many papers in national publications. Also I had compiled the implementation details for three pumping production license review and quality inspection of drilling equipment and product which was one of oil industry technical supervision series (this book has been in the permanent collections of Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute).

I obtained the auditor qualification of national certified in 1995 and engaged in management system certification auditing, QHSE management technical research and training since 1999. I have accomplished the audit work for more than 100 large and medium enterprises of CNPC and Sinopec as the audit leader. In addition, I have accomplished more than 60 training classes, 3000 trainees in total as main instructor of internal auditor training and enterprise quality management knowledge, occupational health and safety management knowledge. I have trained a large amount of internal auditors for large-scale oilfield. Therefore, I have rich experience of certification auditing and QHSE training within the oil industry.