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 Topics Include 
  • Analysis on the key points and revised principles of the new environmental protection law
  • Prevention of enterprise environmental responsibility in the new era of environmental protection law
  • Safety emergency work experience exchange with Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone
  • Environmental risk and damage assessment methods and case studies
  • The new requirements of enterprise law environmental law and tort litigation
  • The hot outline of environmental litigation and the analysis of the case
  • Enterprise risk management tool and international practice
  • Typical petrochemical plant's fire and spill accident emergency rescue
  • Hazardous chemicals serious spill and poisoning accident emergency response
  • Emergency response plan for long crude oil pipeline spill
  • Emergency response mechanism for circulating water spill
  • Emergency response mechanism for the accidents during major petrochemical process
  • Hazard management and accident emergency rescue command system for petrochemical enterprises
  • Case study of typical accidents of petrochemical enterprises
  • Spill response while not stop the operation
  • Spill response for oil and gas pipeline
  • Spill response and technical methods for chemical spill
  • Emergency monitoring cases for sudden environmental pollution accident
  • Discussion on the technical methods of forecast and assessment for the influence of soil and groundwater environment
  • Standard for prevention and remediation of soil and groundwater pollution and the restoration technology
  • The theory and practice of environmental investigation and risk assessment for contaminated sites
  • Mechanism of multi medium transfer and transformation of composite pollutant in contaminated sites
  • Discussion on the framework of sustainable environmental management for pollution environment
  • Technical practice and case study of contaminated site restoration
  • Latest technology and prospect of contaminated soil and groundwater remediation