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In the last 20 years, the petroleum and petrochemical industry has developed greatly in China, but it also brought a series of environmental pollution incidents while promoting economic development. The factors of the raw materials, intermediate products, products, accessories, such as most of the flammable, explosive and toxic substances during the production process in the harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure or low temperature and negative pressure, may account for the fire or explosion accidents in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Due to the spill accidents in process of production, storage, transportation, using and disposing, the accidents of explosion and fire will be mutually triggered and the rapidly resulting in toxic chemicals in multipoint, even causing the pollution to the atmosphere and water environment.

Therefore, for the petroleum and petrochemical industry, it's of practical significance to provide reasonable and feasible prevention, emergency response and mitigation measures while assessing the environmental risk of petrochemical industry and analyzing and forecasting petrochemical industry that may occur during the construction and operation of emergencies or accidents, caused by leakage of toxic, harmful and flammable or explosive substances that causing the safety and environmental impact and the extent of the damage, provided a reasonable and feasible prevention.

Topics Include
  • Analysis on the key points and revised principles of the new environmental protection law
  • Prevention of enterprise environmental responsibility in the new era of environmental protection law
  • Safety emergency work experience exchange with Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone
  • Environmental risk and damage assessment methods and case studies
  • The new requirements of enterprise law environmental law and tort litigation
  • The hot outline of environmental litigation and the analysis of the case
  • Enterprise risk management tool and international practice
  • Typical petrochemical plant's fire and spill accident emergency rescue
  • Hazardous chemicals serious spill and poisoning accident emergency response
Being Invited Speaker
Expert on Duty, China Environmental Impact Assessment
Ex-Deputy Director-General, Department of Nature and Ecology Conservation, Ministry of Environmental
Wang Dehui
The International Emergency Management Society(TIEMS)
K. Harald Drager
Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Wang Suli
Nankai University School of Law

Shen Jinzhong
Metallurgical Thermodynamic Dept., Ukrainian Natural Gas Research Institute
Resear Fellow
Eugene Strativnov
SINOPEC Tianjin Company (TPCC)
Deputy Director, HSE Department
Yao Bing
DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Business Development Manager
Robert Kang
Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone
Counselor & Ex-deputy Director, Management Committee
Zhang Dongsheng
Beijing XinNengZhengYuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
Environmental Remediation Engineer
Li Jize
Veolia China
Director Soil Remediation – China
Bernard Kearsley-Pratt
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Associate Research Fellow
Jiang Yonghai
Shanghai Anjule Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of the China coal chemical industry VOC technology center; GM
Zheng Chengyu
Boeing Tianjin Composite Co., Ltd.
Senior EHS Manager, Production Support Department
Joan Wang
John Deere (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Asia and China EHS Manager
Mark Zhang
China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Yuan Guimei
Managing Partner
Jack Li
School of Environment Tsinghua University
Deputy Party Secretary
Liu Jianguo
Jiangsu Ben’an Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.
R&D Manager
Jianyi Kou
Veolia China
Director, Soil Remediation Dep.,
Meredith Chen
National Workplace Emergency Management Cneter

HSE, Sinochem
General Manager
Chen Bifeng