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 Topics Include 
  • The Standard Interpretation of Control Policies and Regulations on VOCs Pollution in China
  • The General Idea, Emission Standard System and Emission Control Requirements
  • The Control System and Technology Principles of American Leak Detection and Repair Program (LDAR)
  • The Progress and Selection Principals on VOCs Pollution Treatment Technology
  • Construction of LDAR Management System and Information Management Platform
  • The LDAR Application and Development Trend of Refining Apparatus
  • The Main Part and Specific Requirements for LDAR of Petrochemical Plant
  • The Use of the Latest Test and Leak Test Tools and Technology
  • The Application and Working Experience of LDAR Technology in Yanshan Petrochemical Company
  • The Specific Initiatives of Implement of International Chemical Companies on LDAR
  • The Implementation and Practical Significance Relating to the Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance