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With the current increasingly grim situation of air pollution and haze, the comprehensive management of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has become an important task of the current pollution control of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In 2013, the "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Action Plan"released by the State Council has been clearly put forward to promote the pollution control of volatile organic compounds, carry out the technology transformation of "Leak Detection and Repair"inpetrochemical industry, complete the oil & gas recovery management of gas stations, oil depots and oil tank truck, and actively carry out the oil & gas recovery management in crude oil and refined oil terminals.In December 2014  More...>>

Topics Include
  • The Standard Interpretation of Control Policies and Regulations on VOCs Pollution in China
  • The General Idea, Emission Standard System and Emission Control Requirements
  • The Control System and Technology Principles of American Leak Detection and Repair Program (LDAR)
  • The Progress and Selection Principals onVOCs Pollution Treatment Technology
  • Construction of LDAR Management System and Information Management Platform
  • The LDAR Application and Development Trend of Refining Apparatus
  • The Main Part and Specific Requirements forLDAR of Petrochemical Plant
  • The Use of the Latest Test and Leak Test Tools and Technology
  • The Application and Working Experience of LDAR Technology in Yanshan Petrochemical Company
  • The Specific Initiatives of Implement of International Chemical Companies on LDAR
  • The Implementation and Practical Significance Relating to the Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance
Who Should Attend
  • Directors, Executives and Supervisors from the Environment-related Management Department in Various Regions
  • Directors, Executives, Supervisors and Technology Inspection Staff from Environmental Protection Department, Production Management Department and Safety Departmentof Major Oil and Petrochemical Companies
  • Directors, Executives, Supervisors and Heads fromEngineering Companies, Test Monitoring Institutions, Research & Consulting Companies and etc.
  • Research Staff from Research Institutes, Universities, Design Institutes and etc.
  • Directors, Executives, Supervisors and Technology Staff fromR & D and Production Enterprises of Various Types of Detecting Instruments, New Material and etc.
W. L. Gore
Application Engineer, Sealant Technology
Crystal Du
EnsMax LLC
General Manager
Li You
Bureau Veritas
Project Manager
Ningbo Petrochemical E&T Zone
Deputy Director
Xi Weida
NINGBO IDT SINYUAN Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd
Application Technical Director
Lin Jianhong
Thermo Fisher Scientific China
China Petroleum Chemical Co Jiujiang branch
Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, P.R. China
Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (SAES)