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  • Organizers: The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China
    The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco)
  • Operator: The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco)
  • Date: May 10, 2016
  • Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing

With the current increasingly grim situation of air pollution and haze, the comprehensive management of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has become an important task of the current pollution control of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In 2013, the "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Action Plan"released by the State Council has been clearly put forward to promote the pollution control of volatile organic compounds, carry out the technology transformation of "Leak Detection and Repair"inpetrochemical industry, complete the oil & gas recovery management of gas stations, oil depots and oil tank truck, and actively carry out the oil & gas recovery management in crude oil and refined oil terminals.In December 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued "Comprehensive Treatment Program onVOCs in Petrochemical Industry" and will carry out the comprehensive improvement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in petrochemical industry in the country and the thorough investigation work on the pollution sources of VOCs and will take the lead in levying pollutant discharge fee of VOCs in petrochemical industry as well.

In order to implement the "Action Plan on Air Pollution Prevention" and promote the implementation of "Comprehensive Treatment Program on the Volatile Organic Compounds in Petrochemical Industry", the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued "Investigation Guideline on the Pollution Sources of VOCs in Petrochemical Industry" and "Guideline on the Leak Detection and Repair of Petrochemical Enterprises" in November 2015, which has introduced and described the specific processes and methods on treatment work in detail.

According to the survey of U.S. EPA, the VOCs emissions caused by equipment leaks far exceed the storage container, sewage station, transfer operation,process ventilation andetc. Moreover, the leakage emissions are mainly derived from the valves and interfaces, accounting for over 90% of emissions leakage problems.

The emission reduction of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) issue has become a common subject and challenges facing the global petrochemical industry. Leak detection and repair program (LDAR) established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the detection and repair technology of chemical waste gas which has been widely used and recognized by the international petrochemical enterprises, but it's still at initial stage in China.

Leak Detection and Repair Technology Forum on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Petrochemical Industry, which is co-organized by The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco), will be held on May 10th, 2015 in Beijing. The forum is aiming to build an open and sharing learning platform for industry professionals and will invite domestic and foreign technical experts and industry enterprises to gather and exchange, introduce the international advanced management concepts and technologies, analyze China's actual conditions, taking the pulse of the key issues,promote the specific implementation of LDAR technology in petrochemical industry and strengthen enterprise's emissions management to VOCs.

About Organizers

The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China

The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC) is the consolidation of the China Chemical Industry Association and the ChinaChemical Engineering Society. The China Chemical Industry Association was established on April 23rd, 1922 in Beijing, and China Chemical Engineering Society was established in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in February 1930. In 1959, the ChinaChemical Society and the China Chemical Association merged and formed the China Chemical Engineering Society, and then it was divided into two Societies in 1963.The China Chemical Engineering Society joinedthe National Federation of Special Natural Science Societies (Natural Federation) in 1956.

The Main Business Scope Includes:

1. Carry out science and technology exchange, organize research, discuss and study activities, active the academic thinking and promote discipline development and independent innovation.

2. Carry out scientific studies and consulting services, put forward policy suggestions, promote the transformation of science and technology achievements; accept commission and undertake the project evaluation and participate in technology standards setting, professional and technical qualification review, certification and etc.

3. Carry out continuing education and technology training, popularize chemical science technology knowledge and spread the advanced science technology and management experience.

4. Carry out international chemical science and technology exchanges, strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with foreign chemical scientific and technical communities and chemical science and technology workers, organize the international academic conferences, seminars and exhibitions and promote the domestic and foreign cooperation among technology, industry and trade.

The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco)

The Oriental Pro-Energy Consulting Organization (Topco) is incorporated in Beijing, China. It provides information to oil and gas professionals through producing international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and training courses. With rich experience in the exhibition and conference organizing , we have built close relationship with domestic and international oil and gas companies, government departments, trade associations, commercial chambers and media. We focus on those industries with rapid growth such as oil & gas. Our aim is to help the clients to gain international and local insights that will facilitate their business decision making procedures.

Topco has been very concerned about the safety and environment issues in petroleum and petrochemical industry and has successfully held"Oil & Gas Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Conference" for two consecutive sessions. In November 2015, Topco cooperated with Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone and jointly organized "China International Conference on Petroleum & Petrochemical Spill Response and Environmental Remediation". The conference received supportand participation from competent departments and leaders of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China, State Administration of Work Safety, CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC and etc. More than 260 industry professionals participated in the conference and it received consistent high praise and recognition from all parties.